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Read ahead at yer own risk!

I'm a conservation scientist with the Mainland Preservation and Conservation're right - a bit of a mouthful, eh!

MPCO (short for "Mainland Preservation and Conservation Organisation") is an organisation from the Mainland that focuses on conservation of various bees & butterflies. Both Dr Sto Beelit BhD and Dr Codey Mathive BD have come from the Mainland as part of MPCO's efforts, Sto to help repopulate butterfly stocks back home, and Codey to help repopulate solitary bee species.


Game Lore


MPCO is mentioned by both Sto & Codey as the organisation they work for, and both the stamps in Sto's Journal as well as the Letters given when repopulating solitary bees bear the logo for the organisation.

The organisation appears to have been around a long time, as the Hacker Bee letter is dated 16/04/1952, and from the initial postcard we know the game starts around 02/03/1994.

Director Bumblemore

When fully repopulating a solitary bee species, the player will receive a Letter from Director Bumblemore, who seems to be the leader of MPCO. In their letters, they hint at the problems the Mainland is facing due to a collapse in pollinators, and the knock-on effects these have had on their ecosystem.

When repopulating the Hacker Bee, the letter recieved is different from the others and much older, and appears to be a letter from the Bumblemore before they became a director, asking a "Royal Majesty" to reconsider her position on things as the situation is starting to deteriate and there have already been worrying reports to the "Far North".


  • In the Hacker Bee letter Bumblemore mentions the "the archipelago project", which is potentially referring to Port APICO itself
  • The shortening of "Mainland Preservation and Conservation Organisation" to MPCO implies that APICO itself is an acronym of sorts, possible coined by MPCO.