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Read ahead at yer own risk!

Once you've discovered a species, you'll be able to build proper Habitats, specifically tailored to their needs, and then the real work of repopulating begins!

When using the Habitats, the player can increase the conservation levels of different species of Solitary Bees. Each bee released adds to the status, taking it from 'Lost' all the way to 'Saved'.

When a bee reaches 'Saved' the player will be given a letter item. These letters are written by Director Bumblemore, the person in charge of MPCO.


Item Group


All letters start and end with the same text, only the last paragraph changes per letter (with the exception of the Hacker Bee letter. Each letter is dated based on a starting date of 02/03/94 (Day 1), when the player arrives.

The letter text is as follows:

On behalf of MPCO and the people of the Mainland, I wish to extend our warmest gratitude for helping increase our native pollinator population. Thanks to your efforts, we have been able to successfully restore the {BEE.NAME}!
Kindest regards,
Director Bumblemore

Icon Bee Species Final Paragraph Text
With a greater diversity of pollinators, parasites and disease shouldn't be able to cripple our crops as easily anymore.
In recent decades, it has been horribly fascinating to discover how interconnected our ecosystem was. Thanks to your help, we might be able to prevent any more extinctions.
Now we have enough bees for everyone, perhaps we can avoid further theft or rioting within our farming communities.
Until now, the reliance on manual pollination has meant that only the most essential crops were prioritised. With resources to spare, we'll have the variety to cook for fun!
Now that we can grow affordable, healthy food, and less of the population is reliant on processed carbohydrates, we might now be able to address the national health crisis.
It has been so much more difficult to treat even the simplest illness or injury when most of the population had some form of malnutrition. Now that we have that under control, I am sure there are hundreds of doctors who will want to shake your hand.
I can speak for many of the Old Guard when I say that we miss the variety we once had in our markets. Thanks to your help, our children can experience that too.
We can now start reintroducing fruit and vegetables to our diet instead of nutritional supplements - all those pills just made my belly ache!
Thanks to you, the dairy industry has the potential to be viable again. Personally, I cannot wait to indulge in my old Friday night treat of cheese and crackers!
Many of the younger population have never even heard of coffee, let alone be able to afford any. With your help, we may now be able to make it attainable and affordable for everyone.
With the return of key pollinators, we can sustainably grow enough poppies to stop the rationing of painkillers in our remaining hospitals.
The artificial fibres we had to invent were functional, but you just can't beat the soft strength of bee-pollinated cotton!
Bees are essential in berry pollination; blueberries, blackberries... cherry pie – my word! I had forgotten... what delights we have in our new future! I feel like I’ve won a competition.

Old Letter

The letter recieved by repopulating the Hacker Bee is different in that instead of addressed to the player it's an old letter sent by Bumblemore to the royalty of the Mainland back in 16/04/1952.

The letter reads:

Your Royal Majesty,
I must beseech you to reconsider our petition. The situation will not improve without intervention. The archipelago project is already yielding promising results but we must avoid further delays - the healing process will take time and there are already worrying reports from the Far North.
Your loyal servant,
Researcher Bumblemore


  • Based on the letters, it seems clear that the Mainland has suffered some sort of ecological collapse due to loss of pollinators
  • It also seems to be something that the Mainland was warned about by MPCO in the early days, with the islands of APICO being the start of research into conservating and repopulating the Mainland stocks
  • All of the things mentioned happening / running out in each of the letters are all based on things that could happen in real life were there to be a massive collapse in pollinator populations - fun stuff right?