Burrower Bee

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"Burrower bees live in a hole in the ground - not a nasty, dirty wet hole, or a dry, bare sandy hole - but a comfortable hole within sight of their neightbours; likely to stop their silverware being stolen."

The Burrower Bee is a Tier 2 Solitary Bee species found in the Swamps.

It is the first nocturnal solitary bee found in the swamps.

Andrena perfodio

Burrower Bee

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Special Produce


Burrower have a Nocturnal Behaviour and can only be found in the Swamps.This species is rain-loving, and can appear while it's raining.


Codey's Notes give the following hint:
"This nocturnal swamp species uses a combination of stones and the clay dust produced by swamp species to create its home."

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The Burrower Bee can be attracted to a Bee Hotel using , , , and .
It has a 34% of spawning.

Special Produce

When a Burrower Bee is selected in a Habitat and is given enough of the items it likes, they will leave when their visit finishes.


  • Currently the clay brick cannot be used in crafting walls or flooring, sadge