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"Greetings {PLAYER.NAME}!"

Director Bumblemore is the leader of MPCO and an ocean conservationist. He can be found on the yellow Coral Reef near the Tundra after activating the Tundra and Swamp Hivemother Gates. He teaches the player about Coral Restoration and Sludge Cleaning and sells items used for these purposes. Players usually first meet him through the Letters he sends for saving Solitary Bee species.

Like most NPCs, Director Bumblemore can be picked up with a link={{{link}}} to be moved to other places.

Director Bumblemore


Shop Bust


You can buy the following items from Director Bumblemore at any time:

You can also buy the following special items from the "specials" section, that is always on a rotation every 10 minutes:


When you speak to Director Bumblemore, he'll give the following lines of dialogue, based on certain actions you've taken or items you've collected/crafted:

Trigger Prompt Dialogue
Greeting - Greetings {PLAYER.NAME}!
Default Dialogue Excuse me, are you Director Bumblemore? Why, yes! And you must be Moss? We've spoken before, of course, but it's marvellous to finally meet you in person.

A Keeper needs no introduction, aha! You must know, I have deeply admired what you've achieved here. Have you heard of MPCO? Our goals are very much aligned, you know.

While MPCO's overall goal is restoring the Mainland's ecosystem, each of our researchers has their area of focus like Sto, our butterfly academic, or Codey, our solitary bee firebrand.

My focus is ocean restoration; restoring damaged coral and cleaning up the sea floor. I know you have already taken on a lot, but if you can spare any time, I know I'd appreciate a second pair of eyes on this challenge!
After initial dialogue Can you tell me more about the coral reefs? Ah, what wonders they are. Even now, they are home to all sorts of strange and beautiful plants and pollinators.

Unfortunately, pollution has disrupted the ecosystem, and the reefs have started dying. But, "not on my watch," as they say!

I'm here to nip this in the bud and get things back on track. Would you like to help?

Well, if you're serious, we could certainly use it! I've discovered that nurturing a fragment of coral back to health can act as a catalyst for surrounding coral.

Using special pincers, we can take small slithers of coral don't worry; they don't feel a thing!

When you have some coral, please place it in these tanks, tweak the pH and salinity to its preferred environment, and watch it grow!
? What do I do with the newly grown coral? While your new fragment grows in the coral tank, we can place some supportive scaffolds over the dying coral.

We can then seed the new coral into this scaffold to give it something to grow on. This is where your bees come in!

Given enough time, and enough bees, the new coral will slowly rejoin and restore the reef. With enough fragments, you can restore the whole reef!

This should encourage the local flora to bloom back into life, and with any luck, it will attract the original pollinators to return to the ecosystem.
Having met the merchant Have you seen a strange fellow wandering at night? You know, I had heard stories. I didn't think much of it until I saw the hooded figure too.

Despite their glowing eyes, I felt strangely calm, protected even, would you agree? A sign we are going down the correct path, perhaps.
? What are those deeper patches of ocean? Oh, you spotted those? You have a good eye for detail! Those are the entrances to a network of underwater caves and flooded caverns.

We know very little about them, and it's quite dangerous, but perhaps if we make some progress with the reefs, I can dig out some diving equipment, and we can take a look?
After restoring one coral reef I've restored one of the reefs! You are an absolute marvel, {PLAYER.NAME}!

Now that the reef has been restored, you should be able to try and coax the original flora and fauna back. I'm sure Sto and Codey will be excited about the possibilities.

Well, now I have no doubts about your capabilities;I'm happy to lend you my diving gear - if you're still interested.

Once you've taken a look down below, let's chat again. Things will make much more sense when you've seen it for yourself!
After restoring two coral reefs I've restored a second reef! Oh, Good Heavens, you work fast, {PLAYER.NAME}!

You've certainly taken a bit of pressure off me which has let me pick up some other projects I haven't had time for like this new machine I've been working on.

After studying the more aggressive bees in the swamps, I found a link between the salinity of their delicate internal microbiome and the so-called 'stubborn' behavior that they can exhibit.

This device should let you balance their humors and calm their behavior perhaps you should try it on Professor Beenjamin, ha ha!
After restoring all three reefs I've restored all three of the reefs! Splendid work! It's still early, but I have been monitoring the new coral growth, which seems promising!

I must say, I never thought we'd get this far this quickly. We can accelerate several new initiatives that I thought we'd have to completely forget about for a few years, if not forever.

{PLAYER.NAME}, thank you for taking the time away from your projects to help us. As a token of our appreciation, I've dug out this old relic from happier times.

I'm sure you'll agree, a much more serene way to get around the Archipelago and its reefs!
After using the diving helmet to explore underwater? What's all that black sludge on the ocean floor? Firstly, congratulations on your first successful dive! It can be a big, uncomfortable step into the unknown, but I'm sure it was worth it!

Alas, that black sludge is artificial. I've been slowly dredging and clearing it up as best I can, but unfortunately, there is so much of it. The good news is that nature is an adaptable creature!

Would you believe I found several species adept at clearing up the local environment, almost like they were designed with this purpose in mind?

If adequately equipped with my special filters instead of frames, certain hives will even collect and manage nearby sludge for you!

You can use a 'separator' machine to clean out those filters but be sure to crape it out into my percolator here so we can get rid of that nasty goop for good.
After discovering a geode cave? I found an underwater geode cave! Oh, fascinating! Please, sit! Describe, what you saw, in as much detail as you can!

Full of honeycore, you say? How strange; we always thought that was exclusively a surface formation! It seems we don't have a full picture ah, isn't science exciting!

The quest for truth! It's like magic. I has seen a few of those deeper underwater tunnels, but to be honest, I'm getting on a bit, and it would be a little reckless of me to try and squeeze into them.

It makes sense that the sludge would settle over those deepest areas, though perhaps as we clear more sludge, we'll find more of these golden 'geode' caves?