Prismatic Bee

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"In the absence of any, more sensible theories, the Apicademy has grudgingly concluded that the low intensity ultrasonic vibrations of this bee's wings resonates somehow with coral algae and encourages its growth."

The Prismatic Bee is a Tier 3 Social Bee species are a Coral Reef species found by cross-breeding.

It's the second coral reef hybrid the player can find, requiring the player to cross-breed on the coral reef. It has a unique effect of making Scaffold repair coral faster when it's working nearby.

Apis Prifma

Prismatic Bee

Normal SpriteBlessed Sprite

Special Produce


These are the different Traits that the Prismatic Bee can spawn with.

When a trait has multiple values one is picked randomly when the bee is created.

Lifespan Short, Normal

Productivity Slowest, Slow

Fertility Fertile, Fecund

Stability Unstable, Normal

Behaviour Nocturnal

Climate Temperate


The Apiarist's Almanac gives the following hint:
This nocturnal coral species springs from basic dreams..

When asking Dr Beenjamin BhD for a hint he says the following:
As you see them now, the seperate coral of these islands used to be one interconnected organism. I imagine bringing some of those distant relatives back together while on the reefs could help job those ancestral memories

Show cross-breeding solutions

On Coral Reef at Night
(32% chance)

Special Produce

When a Prismatic Bee is used in a Basic Apiary and fills Frames, they can produce when extracted.