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"Long thought to lure and catch small fish, the small 'hooks' of the Angler Bee are in fact purely aesthetic and are part of an elaborate self-care routine using organically-sourced beeswax."

The Angler Bee is a Tier 2 Solitary Bee species found in the Coral Reefs.

It is the second of two coral-specific solitary bees.

Ceratina piscator

Angler Bee

Normal SpriteBlessed Sprite

Special Produce


Angler have a Nocturnal Behaviour and can only be found in the Coral Reef.


Codey's Notes give the following hint:
"This coral-dwelling species likes to feed off of the alkaline byproducts of Custodian Bees."

Show discovery solution

The Angler Bee can be attracted to a Bee Hotel using , , and .
It has a 33% of spawning.

Special Produce

When a Angler Bee is selected in a Habitat and is given enough of the items it likes, they will leave when their visit finishes.