Custodian Bee

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"Responsible for neutralising the gleeful chaos caused by its Coral 'sister', the Custodian Bee takes her duties very seriously, unaware that the balance of their rivalry keeps the coral ecosystem stable."

The Custodian Bee is a Tier 2 Social Bee species found naturally in the Emerald Coral Reef, down near the Swamps.

They are the counterpart to the Coral Bee, providing a way to make a natural alkali for Coral Restoration.

Apis Custos

Custodian Bee

Normal SpriteBlessed Sprite

Special Produce


These are the different Traits that the Custodian Bee can spawn with.

When a trait has multiple values one is picked randomly when the bee is created.

Lifespan Normal

Productivity Slow, Normal

Fertility Fertile

Stability Normal

Behaviour Crepuscular

Climate Temperate


The Apiarist's Almanac gives the following hint:
For this alkaline sibling, find an emerald reef with water saltier than the ocean..

When asking Dr Beenjamin BhD for a hint he says the following:
Custodian Bees are also a native reef bee like the Coral Bees, however they like to be nearer the more tropic climates

Special Produce

When a Custodian Bee is used in a Basic Apiary and fills Frames, they can produce when extracted.