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Hey Beekeepers!

Thanks so much for wanting to contribute to the APICO Wiki!!
We hope this place can help all beeginners get to grips with their beekeeping adventures

Once you've been made an Archivist you'll be able to add new pages and edit unprotected ones!
Please do not edit {Template} pages without first checking with Ellraiser.

For most pages, there should already be at least one type of page and a template to get your started, items like Treetap have Template:Item, bees like Common Bee have Template:Bee etc.
If you view the source or edit those pages you'll be able to copy paste over as an example and change the details

For the most part all the information you need is already in the game files! If you check your /locale/ folder in your game files you'll have all the CSVs that contain all of the info you might need, bee descriptions, item tooltips, character dialogue etc.
For any extra descriptions that don't directly use game text, i.e. character descriptions, item general info, bee intros, try and keep things informal and fun!

For all the missing images that you might need, if you give Ell a big bunch of missing images once you've created your pages then Ell can go and update them.
Alternatively if you're doing some ImageMagick voodoo to export game file images, we use 400% export! (Vil can direct you better on this!)

Happy Wikiing!