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"I was looking through Grandpa's old things and found the Guidebook he was writing. There seems to be quite a lot missing so maybe you can fill in the rest! It would mean a lot to us both."

This page is to collect various tips and tricks from players! Feel free to add something you think might be useful to others.

Tips & Tricks

Game Mechanics

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Sign Item.pngTips & Tricks

  • You can take advantage of the longer reach on PC and use benches or beds to "teleport" short distances. This can help you get around quicker or get across water before having a boat available.
  • It's commonly overlooked but you can use a hammer on NPCs to pick them up and move them wherever you like!
  • It's mentioned in the guide book but you can hold "R" (PC) or "L+R" (gamepad) to respawn. This will put you back at either the last bed you slept in or Skipper's dock if you haven't used a bed yet.
  • Just like you can shift-click items between menus, you can actually shift-click items between you inventory and the hotbar.
  • If you hold shift while hovering over a crate you can see a preview of all the contents inside it.