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"Can be placed on water to create new land."

Grass is a special type of Flooring item that lets the player terraform the islands how they like.


Resource Item

Item Sprite

OID grass1

Buy 0 Rubees | Sell 0 Rubees

General Info

Grass can be got either through using a Honeycore Shovel on existing grass or shallow water (which converts the grass to shallows and shallows to deep water respectively), or can be got from using a Composter or Delver Bee.

Grass can then be placed on either deep water or shallow water, converting it to shallows and grass respectively, allowing the player to terraform as they see fit.


This item cannot be bought.

This item doesn't sell for anything.


  • Due to the fact that you can currently get the Delver Bee before getting a boat, you can technically visit other biomes early by collecting a lot of grass and building a land bridge through the ocean to the other islands