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'Storage, Menu, Bees' is the new 'Live, Laugh, Love'




  • Beeatrice
  • Pages for each Special Produce, Frames, Idols, Spiced Apicolas, Bottled Liquids - this is so much work :'(
  • Machines
  • NPCs
  • Beeconomist - Beenus struck again
  • Tools - Frames would be top prio
  • Idols page with explanations
  • Special produce - table of all of them, separate pages for apicola infusions and usable things
  • Money making tips
  • Help with bees? idk, Venus is on it BEENUS IS A LEGEND
  • Items, probably
  • how to make that dumb live laugh love picture bigger? (made it bigger for ya ;) - Ell)