Abbee's Staff

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Read ahead at yer own risk!

"Used to replenish and revitalise the world!"

Abbee's Staff is a special item that allows the player to create vegetation like trees, shrubs and lilypads.

Abbee's Staff

Tools Item

Item Sprite

OID staff

Buy 0 Rubees | Sell 0 Rubees

General Info

Abbee's Staff can only be gotten by completing the Abbee's Folio, and can be claimed from the Overview tab when all quests are completed.

Once received the player will be able to regrow trees, shrubs and biome-specific flowers when used on grass, as well as lilypads and water flowers if used on shallow water.


This item cannot be bought.

This item doesn't sell for anything.


  • If used in the Tundra biome, it will only be able to create trees and shrubs, as there's no shallow water there and Tundra-specific flowers grow on snow, not grass.