Butterfly's Friend

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"This is the flower equivalent of a neon sign by the roadside that says 'free bbq, sugary drinks and cute baby animals' - needless to say it's popular with butterflies."

Butterfly's Friend is a Tier 1 flower found via Cross-Mutation of Beekeeper's Delight flowers.

Jucundum Lepidara

Butterfly's Friend

Normal SpriteSeeds Sprite

Beehive Item.pngEffects

This flower increases the lifespan of nearby butterflies (the lifespan is effectively doubled)

Book3 Item.pngHints

When the player has not discovered this flower, Abbee's Folio will give the following hint:
A sprout of Apiara formed by the action of nearby Speckled Butterflies.

Paintbrush Item.pngDye

This flower can be crafted into Yellow Dye Item.png at a Workbench Item.png