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"Used to melt down Honeycore into Liquid Crystal to use with Resonators."

A forge just like Bobbee's! It can be acquired by either picking up Bobbee's original with the hammer, or by purchasing one from their regular stock.


Tools Machine

Item Sprite

OID forge

Buy 20 Honeycore | Sell 10 Honeycore

General Info

The Forge is used to melt down Honeycore into Liquid Crystal using Sawdust Bricks. Each Honeycore makes 30bl of Liquid Crystal, with 100bl being needed to create a crystal using the Resonator. Liquid Crystal can only be stored in the Apicobalt Canister.

Menu Help

  • 1. Honeycore Input
  • 2. Fuel Slot
  • 3. Liquid Crystal Tank
  • 4. Liquid Crystal Input
  • 5. Liquid Crystal Output
  • 6. Extra Storage


This item can be bought for 20 Honeycore from Bobbee.

This item can be sold for 10 Honeycore.


  • Prior to update 4.0.0, the Forge did not have any use besides decoration. Its tooltip previously read "Bobbee's forge! We probably shouldn't be using this..."