Honeycore Shovel

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"Used to dig up dirt so you can move it around!"

The Honeycore Shovel is a special item that allows you to dig up grass and pick it up. Grass can then be placed down on shallows to expand islands, or placed on deep water to turn it into shallows.

Honeycore Shovel

Tools Item

Item Sprite

OID shovel3

Buy 50 Honeycore | Sell 0 Honeycore

General Info

The Honeycore Shovel is a later game tool that can be bought from Bobbee. As it allows control of landscaping the world, if you wanted to you could use this tool to completely change islands or even build land bridges across to other islands.


This item can be bought for 50 Honeycore from Bobbee.

This item doesn't sell for anything.

Before being able to buy this item, the player needs to have discovered at least 12 bee species.


  • The OID for this item implies there are other shovels that were originally planned, as there is no item with an OID of "shovel1" or "shovel2".