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"A beautifully crafted lure! Different fish are attracted to different colored lures."

Lures are used with the Fishing Rod when Fishing. They can be crafted at the Fly Workshop and are made with five components: Glue, a Lure Hoop or Shell Hoop, Feathers, Twine, and bee products.

Lure Hoops and Shell Hoops are functionally identical and can be used interchangeably. The feather used will determine the color of the Lure, with different fish being caught with different colored lures. The type of Twine used will determine the durability of the Lure, and Golden Twine increases the chance to catch shiny versions of Fish. The tier of the species the bee product comes from will determine the tier of the lure (1-5), with each tier adding a 5% chance of catching shiny fish.


Item Group

File:White Lure Item.pngRecipes

Name Sprite Made With Fish
White Lure Beegull Feathers Apicarp, Triple Cod, Dank Lardfish, Blue Raydient, Variegated Fallacy.
Black Lure Moonling Feathers Apicarp, Mud Angler, Pink Lurker, Bumblegill, Crystalfin, Variegated Fallacy.
Blue Lure Hivepecker Feathers Apicarp, Angel Fish, Yellow Puffer, Dream Seeker, Variegated Fallacy.
Red Lure Honeyfinch Feathers Apicarp, Honeyflap, Short-finned Eel, Arctic Minnow, Red Snapper, Variegated Fallacy.