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"Basic twine used in making fishing lures."

Twine is sold by Captain and can be used to make Lures. There are four types of Twine, each having different benefits.


Item Group

Item Sprite

Twine Types

Name Sprite Tooltip Use Cost
Standard Twine
Basic twine used in making fishing lures. 10 Durability 1 Rubee
Reinforced Twine
A more hardy twine that increases the durability of fishing lures. 10 Durability 2 Rubees
Robust Twine
A more flexible twine that allows for more chances at catching fish. 20 Durability 5 Rubees
Golden Twine
A shinier, more attractive twine, that attracts shinier, more attractive fish. 10 Durability and increased chance to catch shiny Fish. 10 Rubees


  • Despite its tooltip saying otherwise, the Reinforced Twine seems to be functionally identical to the Standard Twine (and at twice the cost!). Additionally, the Robust Twine only increases durability despite its tooltip implying some other effect.
  • Grandpa's Guide says the following about Lures: "...grey twine makes the lure last longer, red increases the catch radius, and gold increases your shiny chance." The statements about grey and red twine (meaning Reinforced and Robust) appear to be incorrect, though they align with the items' descriptions.