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"Used to craft lures using hoops, twine, feathers, and bee products."

The Fly Workshop is a crafting machine that allows the player to create Lures used in Fishing.

Fly Workshop

Fishing Machine

Item Sprite

OID flyworkshop

Buy 50 Rubees | Sell 25 Rubees

General Info

The Fly Workshop is a manual machine, in that the player has to manually move a mechanism to craft the items. Inputting a Lure Hoop or Shell Hoop, Glue, Feathers, a bee product, and Twine will create a Lure. The color of Lure depends on the color of feather used and the other properties depend on the twine and bee product inputted.

Menu Help

  • 1. Fly Materials
  • 2. Twine Spool
  • 3. Fly Output
  • 4. Extra Storage


This item can be bought for 50 Rubees from Captain.

This item can be sold for 25 Rubees.