Pondshine in a Bottle

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"Used to light up areas"

Pondshine in a Bottle is one of three craftable light sources, along with the Lantern and the Lamp.

Pondshine in a Bottle

Decoration Item

Item Sprite

OID light3

Buy 0 Rubees | Sell 0 Rubees

General Info

When placed, the Pondshine in a Bottle projects light in a set radius around it. That radius is far smaller than the one for the Lantern and the Lamp and matches that of natural Pondshine.


This item can be crafted with the following recipe:




This item cannot be bought.

This item doesn't sell for anything.


  • Light projected by Pondshine in a Bottle takes the form of two concentric circles, with the smaller inner circle brighter than the larger outer one.