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"To collect certain resources you need the right tools for the job - you can't just go around punching trees!"

Tools are a loose category of items that can be equipped to use/interact with different objects in the game. Most tools are crafted at the Workbench however there are some special tools that have to be bought from NPCs.


Game Categories

Wood Axe Item.pngGathering Tools

These are tools used to chop/mine/gather various resources.

Wood Axe Item.png
Stone Axe Item.png
Honeycore Axe Item.png
Grandpa's Axe Item.png
Wood Hammer Item.png
Stone Hammer Item.png
Honeycore Hammer Item.png
Wood Spade Item.png
Stone Spade Item.png
Honeycore Spade Item.png
Wood Pickaxe Item.png
Stone Pickaxe Item.png
Honeycore Pickaxe Item.png
Honeycore Shovel Item.png
Butterfly Net Item.png
Golden Net Item.png

Treetap Item.pngInteraction Tools

These are tools that interact with certain things, changing them or effecting them in some way.

Paintbrush Item.png
Scraper Item.png
Magnifying Glass Item.png
Pencil Item.png
Watering Can Item.png

Regal Bee.pngMisc. Tools

Other items or objects loosely classed as "tools".

Wood Canister Item.png
Wax Canister Item.png
Wooden Frame Item.png
Treated Frame Item.png
Honeycore Frame Item.png
Mysterious Frame Item.png
Honeycomb Frame Item.png
Bottle Item.png
Bed Item.png
Bench Item.png
Boat Item.png
Cargo Boat Item.png