Drizzled Butterfly

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"Despite not being waterproof, this playful butterfly loves to fly in the rain, flitting between raindrops; if it gets wet, it will lick itself dry and continue to dance until the rain stops."

The Drizzled Butterfly is a Tier 1 butterfly species found naturally in Forests. It is the first butterfly to be found when it's raining. It prefers Swarmwort Item.png and Stormwort Item.png.

Phengaris pluvia

Drizzled Butterfly

Normal SpriteGolden Sprite

Nursery Item.pngLifecycle

Eggs Item.png

Symbol Arrow.png

Drizzled Butterfly C.png

Drizzled Butterfly C.png
Symbol Plus.png
Twigs Item.png

Symbol Arrow.png

Drizzled Butterfly.png

Butterfly Hotel Item.pngButterfly Effect

This butterfly has no special effect, and just causes the standard Cross-Mutation of it's favourite flowers when used in a Butterfly Hotel.

Book5 Item.pngHints

Sto's Journal give the following hint: "This rain-loving forest species can be found resting near blue-coloured flowers.".

Show spawning condition

The Drizzled Butterfly will spawn on
Swarmwort Item.png
Stormwort Item.png
during day-time (while raining).
It has a 39% of spawning.