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"When you hover your mouse cursor over anything in the world, it will bring up a tooltip in the corner with more information and how you can use it - useful, huh!"

In-game there are a lot of different elements in the heads-up display (HUD) that help you while playing APICO, from the clock to the in-game tooltips! This page covers the different sections.


Game Mechanics


In the top-left of the screen you can see the clock, which shows the Time, your current Money, as well as little icons based on the time of day, the Weather, and the current Biome's climate.


To the top-center of the screen is the player's hotbar, which can be opened to view the full inventory. Underneath the hotbar is an icon representing every bee in the game!

When a bee is discovered, it'll show as yellow in the hotbar. If a species is fully Conserved, you've found both the standard and Blessed variants, you've used a Microscope on that species 3 times AND discovered the Special Produce for that bee, the icon will go a lighter brighter yellow (and you'll have a badge marked on the chapter in the Apiarist's Almanac


In the top-right of the screen you can see the menu button, as well as the quick-save button and a feedback button that will take you to a feedback form you can submit to the devs!


In the bottom-left of the screen you will see any notifications the game needs to show you. Notifications can range from telling you that it'll rain tomorrow, telling you the name of the track thats started playing, or telling you a quest is ready to hand-in.


In the bottom-center of the screen is the player's library. Any Books they've unlocked will be visible and clickable here (you don't need to keep the book item on you to use it).


In the bottom-right of the screen you'll see a tooltip for anything you're currently hovering over! Holding shift will expand the tooltip and give you more details.

Tooltips can show lots of things, like the items you can use this specific item with, the traits of a bee, the amount an item can sell for, and for crates it'll even show you the contents of the crate when expanded!