Ocean Gale

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"Drawn towards the newly growing buds of algae, this species attracts nearby bees to investigate it's distinct markings. This leads the bees right to the newest coral that needs the most attention."

The Ocean Gale is a Tier 2 butterfly species found naturally in Coral Reefs. Ocean Gale butterflies won't spawn until the ruby coral reef is restored as they require Ebbsquill to spawn. It prefers .

Lepidarus ventus

Ocean Gale

Normal SpriteGolden Sprite


Butterfly Effect

When used in a Butterfly Hotel, as well as the standard Cross-Mutation of it's favourite flowers, this butterfly Increases restoration rate of nearby coral.


Sto's Journal give the following hint: "This bright species can be found flitting around the blue finger-like fronds of the ruby reef.".

Show spawning condition

The Ocean Gale will spawn on
during day.
It has a 27% of spawning.