Anointed Butterfly

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"When threatened - or bored - the Annointed butterfly borrows the energy from nearby Gates to phase between realities, functionally teleporting itself away from danger."

The Anointed Butterfly is a Tier 4 butterfly species found naturally in Hallows. It is the first butterfly the player can encounter in the Hallows. It prefers Hivanium Item.png .

Polyommatus sanctus

Anointed Butterfly

Normal SpriteGolden Sprite

Nursery Item.pngLifecycle

Eggs Item.png

Symbol Arrow.png

Anointed Butterfly C.png

Anointed Butterfly C.png
Symbol Plus.png
White Mushrooms Item.png

Symbol Arrow.png

Anointed Butterfly.png

Butterfly Hotel Item.pngButterfly Effect

This butterfly has no special effect, and just causes the standard Cross-Mutation of it's favourite flowers when used in a Butterfly Hotel.

Book5 Item.pngHints

Sto's Journal give the following hint: "This species is said to be found all over the hallows, appearing to phase in and out of the lime-coloured flowers it prefers.".

Show spawning condition

The Anointed Butterfly will spawn on
Hivanium Item.png
during day-time.
It has a 20% of spawning.