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Read ahead at yer own risk!

"...I knew your grandfather, worked with him once or twice. A great man, a visionary - he taught me so much."

Grandpa Tom is the players grandfather, and is referenced by various NPCs throughout the game. The only image we have so far of our grandfather is a photo on the Noticeboard showing both Nana Beelia and Tom together.

Grandpa Tom

Game Lore


Grandpa Tom was a researcher alongside Nana Beelia, who were both involved in some sort of project being funded by the Apicademy (potentially as part of MPCO).

Eventually the funding was cut for unknown reasons, and he was kicked out of the Apicademy as they felt like the research was no longer worthwhile.

At some point in his time at the Apicademy Grandpa Tom appears to have worked with Dr Beenjamin BhD.

NPC Dialogue

These are all the lines of dialogue that currently mention Grandpa Tom in some form:

Source Dialogue
Skipper, general dialogue Hoho! Yah look like yah compass is spinnin' - did yah Nana give yah Old Tom's journal? Yah can check it at any time with ◐
Nana, intro dialogue I was looking through Grandpa's old things and found the Guidebook he was writing. There seems to be quite a lot missing so maybe you can fill in the rest! It would mean a lot to us both.
Nana, general dialogue Oh, you're doing so so well {PLAYER.NAME} - your Grandpa would be so proud of you!
Nana, mentioning solitary bees I’m afraid not – between your Grandpa and I, he was the expert. When we were first sent here, we were both supposed to be focussing on the Hives, but he was such a curious man. I guess that was one reason why I loved him.

The Mainlanders cut our funding in half, in the end, and kicked him out of the Apicademy. They thought he was wasting their money and couldn’t see the value in his work – well! Look at them now.

Oh! I am so sorry, dear, to burden you with that – just forget I said anything!
Nana, in the Hivemother's Dream Hmm? OH, your grandfather and I found this place a long time ago. My, my, how times have changed since then - they used to call us 'beekeeping legends'!
Beenjamin, general dialogue ...I knew your grandfather, worked with him once or twice. A great man, a visionary - he taught me so much. I misjudged you, {PLAYER.NAME}. He would be very proud of the Beekeeper you have become.
Codey, general dialogue You really are a Keeper, aren't you? It's an absolute crime what they did to your Grandfather, but hopefully, between us, we can both vindicate his life's work and save a few lives! Nicely done, {PLAYER.NAME}!