White Tempest

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"Despite all of its natural predators having died out hundreds of years ago, the White Tempest still only travels during blizzards when it can disguise itself as a floating snowflake."

The White Tempest is a Tier 3 butterfly species found naturally in Tundra. It is the snow counterpart to the Drizzled Butterfly, having the matching effect but for snow. It prefers Beewell Item.png .

Melanargia tempestas

White Tempest

Normal SpriteGolden Sprite

Nursery Item.pngLifecycle

Eggs Item.png

Symbol Arrow.png

White Tempest C.png

White Tempest C.png
Symbol Plus.png
Lichen Item.png

Symbol Arrow.png

White Tempest.png

Butterfly Hotel Item.pngButterfly Effect

When used in a Butterfly Hotel, as well as the standard Cross-Mutation of it's favourite flowers, this butterfly increases the duration of snow while active.

Book5 Item.pngHints

Sto's Journal give the following hint: "This nocturnal species appears during snowstorms, finding cover in it's favourite pink-coloured flowers.".

Show spawning condition

The White Tempest will spawn on
Beewell Item.png
during night-time (while snowing).
It has a 22% of spawning.