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"If you lose any key items they will show up here!"

The Lost And Found is a special "meta" machine that exists to make sure players can't softlock their game by accidentally losing "key" items. If a "key" item is lost (through modding, save file modification, or multiplayer play) it will appear back here. It is found by Skipper on the docks.

Lost And Found

Storage Machine

Item Sprite

OID lost

Buy 0 Rubees | Sell 0 Rubees

General Info

The Lost And Found will check all items and objects in the world for the list of "key" items, and add them to it's storage if it can't find them. The items classed as "key" are: Idols, Skipper, Beetrix, Dr Beenjamin BhD, Bobbee, Hivemother Gates, Noticeboard, and Grandpa's Axe.

Only 6 items can show in the Lost And Found at a time so if the player has lost more than 12 items they need to take them out and re-open the menu to see the rest of them.

Menu Help

  • 1. Lost Items


This item cannot be bought.

This item doesn't sell for anything.


  • All the items defined as "key" are hardcoded in the game, and are unrelated to the "key" value defined in the dictionary of some items (i.e. book items).
  • The NPCs listed are "key" as they all sell things needed to complete the quest book, which in turn is needed to get Grandpa's Axe to access the dream - technically none of the other NPCs are needed.
  • Grandpa's Axe will only appear if you have already received it and lost it (i.e. broke it) - although it's not needed to complete the game (as just receiving the axe the first time gives the blessing) too many people complained they didn't look after their family heirloom so it was added as a "key" item later on.
  • The Noticeboard is not technically needed to complete the game either, but it is tied to some Achievements that would be impossible to get if you lost it.